The pool and garden

We consider our pool one of the key features to the enjoyment of your stay. Its setting is unbeatable.

The outdoor pool is 10m x 5m, with depths from 0.9m to 1.7m. primarily south-facing and is covered at night to help retain heat absorbed during the day.

There is a selection of pool furniture available - loungers, tables and umbrellas to satisfy your mood...whether you want to flake out in the sun or lounge in the shade and read...   

It is surrounded by a safety fence with lockable gate but creative planting in the outlying garden makes it all easy on the eye.

Most of the unfenced garden is set aside for guests' enjoyment. However, we do retain a section for our own private use, but the pool area is screened from our garden and balcony area, offering you a large degree of privacy.

There are a selection of games, including badminton and petanque as well as shaded areas and picnic tables for general use.